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France One Call have been providing this free availability information service for holiday accommodation in France since 1996

We were the first Internet site specialising in holiday accommodation in France. The first to provide availability information and remain the most accurate availability information service

Accommodation is listed in order of most recently updated availability making it easier to find and book a holiday home

We monitor the standards of the holiday accommodation advertised on our website based on feedback from holidaymakers. You will often see properties advertised on other websites that we have declined or removed from our databases

Holidaymakers can book holiday accommodation through France One Call with far greater confidence

Holiday home Owners - Why advertise with France One Call?

Our service is unique, we offer far more than other Internet sites and have a strong and faithful following from holidaymakers who us every year.

To maximise your bookings through France One Call, it is important that you fully understand our service

Referring enquiries to France One Call

All France One Call members agree to refer enquires from their other forms of advertising for weeks they have already booked to us. You can do this via email or by providing the holidaymaker with our contact details. In this way, all members benefit from each others advertising, spreading the widest marketing net possible.

No enquiries are wasted, the holidaymaker learns about our free service and returns to use us in following years. You can then be sure that you are recommending accommodation that is of a high standard.

We back our Internet service with a telephone help line +33 (0) Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Availability information

Properties appear in the search results in order of most recently updated availability. Please update your availability as soon as you take a booking or at least once a week, even if there has been no change. This will ensure you get more enquiries than owners who don't bother to update.

Holidaymakers have been using us since 1996. They know we are the easiest place to find suitable holiday accommodation that is available for the weeks they are looking for.

Every time you update your availability, your property will go to the top of the listings and appear on our home page. We know the importance of accurate availability.

Maintaining standards

The standard of accommodation advertised on this site is monitored based on feedback from your previous guests. To obtain your Globes, you must encourage all your guests to complete a feedback form.

Holidaymaker satisfaction is of prime importance. Please ensure that your property is spotlessly clean, furnished and decorated to a high standard. It doesn't have to be a Chateau, we advertise all types of property, we just expect it to be maintained professionally.

This is why holidaymakers remain faithful to us and why we will never have the largest selection of properties. Other internet sites are happy to accept advertising from property owners we have declined or deleted from our databases.

You will find this information priceless

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